This page is set up so you can listen to the podcasts I've been invited on, read book reviews and the Veterans Day OpEd about Pete.

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The Hard Thing Podcast

10 November 2021

The Hard Thing with Justin Lewis

(link available 22 November 2021)

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Podcast with Fran Lewis

11 November 2021

Jon Land & Steve Giblin with Fran Lewis.

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 The Military Wire with Michael Schindler

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 16 December 2021 show

 18 December 2021 Show

The Bill Buckmaster &
American Warrior Radio Show(s) with
Ben Buehler-Garcia

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Inside Personal Growth
with Greg Voisen
17 December 2021

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Walking In Mud Book Review by Joel Freedman

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American Thinker Veterans Day oped - A true story about one of my favorite leaders

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Walking In Mud Book Review

by Reader's Digest

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