Long before the SEAL Creed and SEAL Ethos there was this ~ From the then commanding Officer of UDT-21 in the mid-1950's. LCDR F.R. Kaine was a Veteran of WWII and the Korean conflict. This document was posted all around the UDT-21 spaces (rooms & hallways) to remind each member of the UDT of what his expectations were of them. I discovered a copy of this in 1983 during my first few weeks as a new Frogman. 

First Project - a book

Walking In Mud

This book, written with author Jon Land, is a altogether different type and style. It's about us, America and the world and how we've reacted to the COVID pandemic and how we can change the way we act based on The Ten Essential Qualities of an Underwater Demolition Man. Lessons from life & in the SEAL Teams are a metaphor for for the New Normal - life during and after the pandemic.

(Available in hardcover, e-book & audio book now)


The movie that changed my life in 1981. The Men With Green Faces.
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#1 Men With GreenFaces 

#2 BUD/S Class 224 (my centennial class)



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